Blending 56 botanicals, the highest-grade herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from around the globe are crafted into 4 distinct macerates, then combined in modern-day alchemy into our herbal spirit. The full ingredient list is a closely guarded secret

Jagermeister Liqueur 700mL

  • Jägermeister (meaning "Master of the Hunt") herbal liqueur imported from Wolfenbüttel, Germany. Made from a secret recipe of 56 herbs and spices including citrus peel, aniseed, poppy seeds, saffron, juniper berries and ginseng, Jägermeister is macerated in spirit for up to six weeks before been matured in oak casks for one year. Its unique taste sets it apart from all other spirits making Jägermeister the second largest selling imported liqueur in the world and the favourite "shot" of millions.

  • Variety Herb Liqueur            
    Brand Jägermeister 
    Size 700ml
    Alcohol/Vol 35%
    Country Germany




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