Status Platinum Vodka made with the highest quality European alcohol. It is a grain-based vodka that has been distilled six times.

Tasting notes-Fine, understated aromas suggest meringue, paraffin and menthol, following through with a linear, dry profile hinting at cream, lemon tart and a mineral-like finish. Ends crisp, superbly tuned and ultra-pure.

Status Platinum Vodka, from Ukraine, 700ml

  • Status Platinum Vodka appears crystal clear. Aromas of custard, paraffin, and menthol lead to a linear, dry characteristic with hints of cream, lemon tart, and a mineral-like finish. The water comes from a 600-foot-deep artesian well, where it is purified seven times. It is smooth enough to drink on its own, but it can also be mixed. Crisp, nutty, spicy, and smooth.

  • Variety Vodka               
    Brand Status
    Size 700ml
    Alcohol/Vol 40%
    Country Ukraine




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